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Susanna Leonard Hill’s 2015 Halloweensie Contest!

It’s that fun time again when sweet Susanna gives us a Halloweensie challenge. This year, as most years, we had to write a story about Halloween with only 100 words and include dark, costume and haunt among the hundred. I will be posting this here and on her website where you can go to read the others (expect to be in for some fun!) and vote for your favorite, http://susannahill.blogspot.com/2015/10/the-5th-annual-halloweensie

Here is my entry:

Prissy’s Halloween
By Linda Boyden

Prissy Crow hurried home with more pretty things…shiny foil things, dark acorn things, crinkly or quiet things; she loved them all and kept them all.
Mockingbird peered from her window. “More? If you don’t use them they’ll come to haunt you, Miss Prissy!”
Prissy frowned, but could Mockingbird be right? How could she use them?
On Halloween Prissy knocked on Mockingbird’s door. “Trick or boo!”
“Eeek!” Mockingbird cried. “A monster? An alien?”
Prissy shook off her costume’s foil mask and stopped shaking her acorn strings. “Mockingbird, you were almost right: my things did haunt someone–YOU! Happy Halloween!”

About Linda Boyden

Teacher. Author. Artist. Storyteller. Poet. I write a poem a day. A picture book each month. I write novels for kids. I color in and out of the lines. I help young children love words and stories. I believe laughter comes straight from the Creator who put us on this fine Earth so we can help one another do our best.

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7 responses to “Susanna Leonard Hill’s 2015 Halloweensie Contest!”

  1. What an adorable story! So fun. Love the clever ending. Great job, Linda!

  2. Lots of fun, Linda. I’m glad Crow got a chance to go trick or treating with her homemade costume…those are the best!

  3. Prissy Crow is a very likable character. Way to go :) Good luck!

  4. Joanna says:

    I love your birdy Halloween!

  5. What a cute story, Linda! I love how Prissy turned the tables on Crow – so clever! Thanks so much for joining in the Halloweensie fun!

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