Meet the Dynamic Duo: Pamela K. Witte and Jet Lee, Dragon Warrior!

  1. What’s your favorite word? That’s an easy one. Imagine. Because, I imagine amazing, crazy, interesting things all the time. I can’t picture what life would be like without imagination. If you ask what my favorite two words are I’d answer, what if, because every story I’ve ever written began with the thought, what if..?


  1. What’s your least favorite word? Probably, can’t or don’t, because they simply imply so much LIMITATION and NEGATIVITY. I don’t believe in limiting yourself, ever. Taking chances, putting yourself out there (wherever that may be) that’s where the excitement is and the challenge. Without those things life would be ridiculously dull.


  1. Describe your style of writing: At a writer’s conference recently, I was told that I’m a Pantser. I was baffled at first, but then realized it made sense. Pantsers write by the seat of their pants without outlining or having a predetermined path. If I had to outline I’d be stuck staring at the computer forever. I write fun, fast-paced, heart-felt adventures for kids that usually come to me in dreams or while I’m exercising, skiing, swimming or running—when I’m in my Zen mode. They start as little niggles and become itches that I can’t ignore. The characters take over and show me where they want to go. I just help them get there by tapping the keyboard and hitting Spell Check. :)


  1. Describe your work ethic: Just keep at it. I’m not one of those writers who say you’re only a writer if you write every day. I mean really? How realistic is that? Most writers have alternate universes where they have to go to work and pay the bills. My philosophy is keep at it whenever you can and don’t give up. All great things take time and effort. Stick with your goals, even if they seem to take forever.


  1. What is your main writing fault/flaw? Fear and self-doubt. Sometimes I allow my inner-critic to influence me in negative ways that result in my questioning my ability, my goals and sometimes my sanity. There is nothing easy about the writer’s journey. It is often down a bumpy, twisty road. My biggest flaw is fear that I’m not good enough to make it to the end. Truth is; we’re all good enough. If we take the time to educate ourselves, hone our skills and remain steadfast and passionate we can achieve great things.


  1. Any tips on how to flesh out a character? Listen to your character! Although I don’t outline I do often do casual character interviews. I ask my characters about their lives, their goals, I talk to them about their environments, their friends, their fears, and dreams, what scares them, what they love… Sometimes I make lists of questions and spend a day in my characters shoes, answering them. Mostly, I listen to them and try not to impose too much Pam on them. My characters are NOT me. They are much cooler being themselves.


  1. Any tips on developing plot? Because I’m a pantser, that’s a tough question. I keep in mind that every plot requires energy and time for introspection. Every plot must contain a goal (or several) and have an outcome. Along the way there needs to be conflict and resolution. Because I write action/adventure there needs to be action and loads of adventuring. Developing a great plot starts with great characters. They have desires, needs and goals. It’s when their needs and goals are threatened that conflict arises. Without conflict you’ve just got a boring day in the life of a flat character. For me plot and character go hand in hand.


  1. Who are your favorite prose authors? I don’t read a lot of prose… I should! Ah, but if only I had more time. I love Dr. Seuss books, but I’m not sure, did he write prose or poetry or both? Katherine Applegate wrote a wonderful kid’s book in prose, “Home Of The Brave.” It left me breathless. And my all time favorite picture book, “Miss Twiggley’s Tree” by Dorothea Warren Fox is perfectly wonderful. But again, poetry or prose..?


  1. Who are your favorite poets? Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, Rudyard Kipling, Maya Angelou for adults. Shel Silverstein, Jon Scieszka, and Dr. Suess for kids.



  1. Who are your favorite heroes/heroines in fiction? Easy! Wonder Woman is my favorite fictional hero. I loved comic books when I was a kid and still do. With her Amazonian strength, invisible airplane and lasso of truth Wonder Woman couldn’t be beat! I’ve always wanted to be Wonder Woman. Occasionally, I think I am. 😉


  1. Who are your favorite painters and composers? I’ve spent my life in the southwest so there are a lot of contemporary western artists that I love. Picking a master from the past… Claude Monet, because of his use of color and light. I’d have to say Beethoven for composers because his music is so POWERFUL. I can totally picture Wonder Woman battling evil with Beethoven blasting in the background. And then there’s the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and have your heard Lindsey Stirling and her amazing violin? WOW!



  1. Who are your real life heroes? A lot of people would probably answer this with people from history, or pop culture, but for me it’s simple. My family are my heroes. My parents because they raised us with love, values and respect. My children because they are so smart and brave. And my husband because he always supports each and every crazy idea I ever have. Oh, and there’s Nikola Tesla. A lot of people thought he was a mad scientist, but his contributions to technology were electrifying.


  1. What intrigues you? Pretty much everything about life, especially the complexity of the human condition.


  1. What annoys you? Mean people!



  1. What profession other than writing would you like to learn? I’m a ski instructor and an actress and a nurse, so I am always eager to learn more about those professions. But if I were to try a crazy profession, I think I’d like to learn how to be a rodeo clown or a deep sea explorer.


  1. What profession could you never handle? Butcher. Yuck. I’m not a big fan of gloppy innards!


  1. What natural talents have you been gifted with? Luckily, I am a natural storyteller and I LOVE creating adventures. I’ve got pretty great balance and flexibility and I’ve been told I’m pretty awesome on horseback. I’m not musical. I can’t draw. There are loads of people smarter than me. But, I’m a great listener, observer, and I’ve got heart. Oh, and I can turn my feet completely backwards and snort quarters out my nose. :)



  1. Assuming there’s will be an afterlife, whom would you like to meet and why? All of my grandparents because I never knew them and don’t know much about my family history. Then Agatha Christie because she was my favorite author while I was growing up and could spin the most amazing mysteries. And Jacques Cousteau because maybe he’d take me aboard the Calypso for the most awesome sea adventure of a lifetime!


  1. What is your favorite writing motto/mantra? WRITEWRITEWRITEWRITE…Breathe… WRITEWRITEWRITEWRITE…You Can Do It!


  1. What motivates you? Having goals. Knowing that there are so many things to do in life and wanting to do them all. Dreams of adventure. Laughter. Family. Friends. And love.


PAMELA K WITTE is the author of the debut novel “Jet Lee Dragon Warrior,” a thrilling, magical, action adventure for middle grade readers who love karate-kicking excitement and all around ninja awesomeness.

A former psychiatric nurse and adrenalin junkie, Pamela is really a thrill-seeking kid who never grew up. She enjoys skiing (is a professional instructor), martial arts, yoga, hiking, sailing, exploring and spending time with her husband and two children. She lives and writes in a cabin in the middle of the woods in southeastern New Mexico. Visit or to learn more about Dragon Warriors and the mystical powers of friendship.

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Teacher. Author. Artist. Storyteller. Poet. I write a poem a day. A picture book each month. I write novels for kids. I color in and out of the lines. I help young children love words and stories. I believe laughter comes straight from the Creator who put us on this fine Earth so we can help one another do our best.

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  1. Linda, thank you for hosting me on your wonderful blog! And thank you for asking such fun and interesting questions! I thought I’d leave a link to Jet Lee on Amazon, just incase your readers would like to check it out. :)

  2. Linda Boyden says:

    Glad you added that! Thanks for being so much fun to work with. You’ve led a very interesting life!

  3. Melanie Wood says:

    What awesome Q & A on Pam! She’s definitely a hero of mine!! Thank you so much for the blog, Linda!

  4. Liz Estrada-Klein says:

    What a wonderful interview! I’ve known Pam for many years both in her former life as a nurse and presently as a colleague of her husband’s. She always strives to be the best and pushes herself to meet those goals. That is obvious in her latest accomplishment, “Jet Lee, Dragon Warrior”. Reading this interview, it’s like I’m meeting her all over again, only in a much different world. Keep them coming Pam, and compliments to Linda Boyden on extracting the inner-most ‘shine’ of Pam Witte’s writing style!

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